Oct 22, 2017

Halloween Web - LeighSBDesigns

Today's interview subject is Leigh, The Sharpie Domino Queen.

Hi Leigh, tell us all about you.

Hello and Happy Halloween to you all! My name is Leigh Snaith-Brunton and I’m a Fine Artist and Designer of pretty much everything, if it’s art related I do it.  I’m mostly known for my involvement in the world of Rubber Stamping which has been my passion for well over 20 years now and in the doll collecting communities for about 6 years.  I earned my nickname, The Sharpie Domino Queen, in 2001 when I pioneered Sharpie marker coloured art on dominoes and have had my altered game art, paper art and articles published in leading rubber stamping magazines.  

It’s been a long over due dream of mine to have my own art stamp company and launched LeighSBDesigns Art Stamps earlier this year.  I’m enjoying my new creative adventure and invite everyone to take this journey with me.  My digi stamps are available in my LeighSBDesigns Etsy Boutique and I’ll be releasing the designs in rubber soon too.  I’ve also launched my YouTube channel where I share time lapse Copic colouring tutorials and more.  You can follow my creative adventures on my blogs and social media (links at end of interview).

How was Halloween when you were a kid?

I was born in the UK and grew up in South Africa and sadly neither countries did Halloween when I was a kid.  I’m pleased to say that both now thoroughly embrace the Halloween spirit!

My sister and I loved watching how kids in the USA celebrated on TV so we decided to do our own Halloween as it just didn’t exist where I lived as a kid.  We literally would walk to the end of the driveway and back and Trick or Treat at our own house, LOL.  I think a neighbour’s house got roped into it at one time or other as well but it was always just my sister and we loved it.

Needless to say when I moved to the USA 20 years ago I was over the moon to finally do Halloween in true American style!  I go all out and dress up and decorate and happily hand out candy every year :0)

Do you have any yearly rituals to celebrate the season?

I have two yearly rituals.  All my Gothic dolls come out and I thoroughly enjoying creating Halloween displays with them in my home.  This year my vampire Iplehouse dolls and various others are presiding over the festivities but I haven’t taken photos of this year’s displays yet but here’s a look at some of my past years. 

Secondly, my love for altered game art lead me to start an annual 31 Days of Halloween event on my DominoART blog which evolved into my blog participating in a big annual 31 Days of Halloween blog hop.  It’s faBOOlous and exhausting as we share stamp art for 31 days straight while hopping and commenting on all the blogs participating.  This is my 6th year in the hop and sadly it’s not as massive as it used to be when 30+ blogs participated.  I thoroughly enjoy it and I’m proud to say I’m now doing it with my own line of art stamps this year and also to be a Cryptkeeper each year too. 

Do you have any favorite costumes?

As an adult collector and fan of the original Monster High doll line by Mattel my favourite is cosplaying as Frankie Stein the daughter of Frankenstein.  My Boston Terrier also dresses up and that year she wore a jersey that said "I’m Really a Cat in Disguise" LOL.  She’s partial to her bat wings though. 

Do you watch or listen to anything special for October?

Michael Jackson’s Thriller is a must and I re-watch Hocus Pocus and The Nightmare Before Christmas every year along with every scary movie being show on TV.

Why do you think we still enjoy Halloween into adulthood?

I’m a kid at heart and Halloween keeps the magic alive.  I feel exactly the same way about Christmas and given the chance I’d go to Disneyland every October and December.  The joy, the magic and the wonder of it all just makes my heart sing.

Inside the Spookster's Studio

The worst thing to get while trick or treating was I wish I’d had the opportunity to get something nasty, my Mom made sure we only got yummy sweets aka candy.

My favorite thing to get was everything was my fave coz we made our own Halloween.

Where can people find you online?

There's my site, LeighSBDesigns as well as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Thanks for stopping by, Leigh! 

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Oct 21, 2017

Black Cat Fortune Telling Game

Today's post is a bit of a paradox.
It has nothing to do with Halloween and yet is the perfect storm of Halloween-ness!

Back in the late 1800's/early 1900's, before Trick or Treating became a thing, people would have Halloween parties and one of the popular activities was playing some sort of fortune telling game. So not only was this game likely played on Halloween, but it's got black cats and was manufactured in Salem MA!

While looking for info on this, I found several different versions that were made over the years, including one that came with a spinner. But the most amazing thing I found is that Hasbro (who bought Parker Brothers in 1991) has the instruction sheet on their website! But I'm going to explain it below anyway, otherwise this would be a really short post.

The game came with 24 cards, four each of the topics shown above. You'd shuffle the cards and deal them into rows by topic. Once that was done, you flip them over one row at a time to reveal your fortune on that row's subject.

The cards have 24 lines with each line being numbered one to four. You find where they line up across the cards so that they read one to four, left to right. I thought this was a pretty inventive way to give the game some variety when used multiple times.

If you've got time to kill, here's a couple links on Halloween and fortune telling.

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Oct 20, 2017

October Awfulness - Terrible Two

It should come as no surprise that Religious Pamplets won their bracket. They were a strong contender from the start and beat down Veggies/Fruit by a 2:1 margin.

The big shocker is that the Orange/Black wrapped Peanut Butter Kisses eeked out a victory over Circus Peanuts by a mere one vote!

These are your Terrible Two!


Don't forget to vote for your pick. 
As we can see from Circus Peanuts' defeat, every vote counts!

Round Three Leaderboard

20 points

18 points
Mike, Richard

16 points

15 points
Chelsea, Vanessa

14 points
Jolene, Shad

13 points
Sam, Scott

12 points

10 points

8 points
Chris, George

3 points

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